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    1. Changes in the 16th National Congress of Pharmaceutical Industry in

      Many pharmaceutical companies do not even know some of the national, ministries and provincial levels of the introduction of policies, and even long-term focus on industry policy of the author, can not be on the policy documents in 2015 a large number of one by one - China's pharmaceutical industry, Road, can only remember some of the key, influential policy.

      Medical, health care, health care three industries why the policy together, because the three sectors of the policy is mutual influence, it is difficult to say which policies are directed at an industry without affecting other industries, such as medical institutions are now pursued Sanming policy, this should be medical institutions health care reform policy, but it also involves the sale of drugs; such as "new advertising law" introduced put a lot of such as Harbin Pharmaceutical, Renhe and other advertising for business means of medicine, medical, health care companies Have lost the habit of operating power point.

      Therefore, in view of the author clumsy, can not distinguish between many policy boundaries, but the summary of the sorting, evaluation, analysis, the main purpose is to allow people to look back at the smoke-filled policy in 2015, Road, see the path for the development of pharmaceutical companies as early as the plan.

      In 2016, the medical, health care and health care industry to promote the comprehensive reform of the year, in previous years, medicine, health care and health care industry at the national level policy, basically Weiwei, CFDA, Ministry of Commerce, Development and Reform Commission to send the sector as a unit , But in 2016, is the "thirteen five medical reform plan" opening year, which is the State Council need to pay attention to the work, therefore, accelerate the medical reform process has become an important work.

      2016 will occur at the 16th National Congress of the changes:

      1. Quality standards for medicines policy and matters, the future of China's pharmaceutical quality standards will enhance a big step;

      2. Pharmaceutical industry supervision continued to strengthen, in 2016, there will be more than in 2015 by the GMP, GSP flight inspection revoked the relevant certificate or qualification;

      3. The strengthening of the tender system and the second round of negotiations to promote the implementation of the profit margins for pharmaceutical companies decline;

      4. The implementation of the new advertising law so that many companies rely on traditional media is injured, once lost the basic business model;

      5. The proportion of drugs, the proportion of diagnosis and treatment, medical charges and other policies will lead to drugs in the medical market share of the gradual decline in prescription drug sales outside the hospital will gradually strengthen;

      6. Commercial bribery behavior has not been fundamentally curbed, but more secretive, many have begun to put on the cloak of academic promotion;

      7. Net prescription drugs will be introduced in 2016 experimental policy, but the net sales of prescription drugs market competition will directly into the white-hot;

      8. Pharmaceutical companies and health care products business model split, only to sell products, or only advertising companies will gradually shift to consumer demand for consumers to bring more value-added services, began full participation Big health, but more in the blind Mangxiang;

      9, the industry business risk warning line pulled up, a lot of receivables in the increase, lower profits, competition in the inertia, inertia business model and inertia to gradually lose the support point of marketing, enterprises were forced to accelerate transition behavior;

      10. Through the tender institutions of drugs, equipment, supplies and other price reduction into the standard as a major trend, rather than public medical institutions, many drugs, household appliances and other price increases become the trend, the tender into the directory of many products are gradually squeezed water, Is the Sanming model once the country open, will cause medicine, the medical industry big shock;

      11. Pharmaceutical registration will be accelerated, through the modification of dosage forms, packaging and specifications of the "false drug registration" will be curbed;

      12. Foreign pharmaceutical companies and domestic pharmaceutical companies will rapidly expand the cooperation, good at seizing the opportunity of Chinese pharmaceutical companies will be more than through research and development to obtain the first imitation drugs development opportunities, and through a variety of platform cooperation model to build a more powerful business structure ;

      13. Chinese medicine and Chinese medicine will be a great opportunity for development, a large number of Chinese medicine will appear, the layout of Chinese medicine and Chinese medicine enterprises will greatly benefit;

      14. Primary health care market will become a battleground for Chinese pharmaceutical companies;

      15. Pharmaceutical companies to accelerate the process of diversification, more pharmaceutical companies will face a dilemma of diversification.

      16. Pharmaceutical companies to become a forced transition, but many pharmaceutical companies because they can not find the right transformation path, or gradually sink, or emergency medical treatment, or wait and see, the outcome is a lot of pharmaceutical companies in 2016 the performance of a significant decline. And part of the prospective vision, see far, a few years ago began to transform the pharmaceutical companies will usher in 2016 harvest.


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