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    1. Maintenance and maintenance of industrial vacuum cleaners

      Check before use: Open the cylinder cover to check whether the dust bag is tightly tied, whether the suction mouth is fastened, and cover the cylinder cover. Check the power supply voltage, if necessary, pay attention to the motor forward and reverse.

               The use of the process should pay attention to:

      1, ordinary type (non-explosion-proof class) machine is strictly prohibited in the use of flammable and explosive places;

      2, non-special materials can not be sucked with a bag of burning fire and ultra-high temperature waste;

      3, in the absence of dust bag, filter the case is strictly prohibited, otherwise it will directly lead to damage to the fan;

      4, when the filter bag, filter damage occurred, it should be promptly replaced, can not continue to use;

      5, the suction hose can not be crushed, stamped, wear; after the box shell at a higher temperature, especially in the continuous work for a long time, pay attention to burns;

      6, the accumulation of excess dust storage bucket should be promptly cleaned up, and regularly clean the filter bag and filter to ensure smooth;

      7, vacuum cleaner overload, the control box thermal relay will automatically cut off the power, then you must unplug the power plug to identify the reasons to be reset after the thermal relay, line use;

      8, after work, should cut off the power, placed in a cool dry place.


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