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    1. Precautions for Choosing Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

      Good industrial vacuum cleaners, not only requires them to have enough suction, and should be equipped with a variety of needs for the nozzle and accessories, so as to make the vacuum cleaner cleaner efficiency is higher and better. Good vacuum nozzle has a unique design, such as diamond-shaped appearance, specifically clean stiletto stall, micro-fiber cushion and side brush, etc., fully meet the needs of detailed cleaning, cleaning performance.

      2, filtration system

      In general, the industrial vacuum cleaner material is very important for multiple filters, the higher the density, the better the filtration effect. A good filter system should be able to retain fine dust, to prevent its flow out of the machine, resulting in secondary pollution. Filtration system to consider the pros and cons of the material and the number of layers.

      3, host performance

      In general, the performance of industrial vacuum cleaner host can be heard through the ears, hands touch approach to judge. Power supply, listening to the work of the vacuum cleaner when the sound is balanced, with or without screaming or friction and other murmurs; touch the host of the vacuum cleaner at work with or without a substantial sense of vibration.

      4, depending on the cleaning environment to choose their own vacuum cleaner suction strength, but the proposed selection of larger suction models, suction strong and efficient efficiency.

      5, telescopic extension tube can be height adjustment, easy to collect and reduce the collection space.

      6, dust indicator and automatic take-up line function, to increase the convenience of use.


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