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    1. Pharmaceutical machinery industry opportunities highlighted

      Held in Changsha, Hunan, the 26th National Pharmaceutical Machinery Expo, the Expo unprecedented. More than 6,000 exhibitors of more than 6,000 sets of display equipment, more than 60,000 square meters of venues, more than 4200 booths in turn arranged. Not only the exhibition hall full, even outside the exhibition hall on the square, but also packed with machines. Four days, the General Assembly turnover of 1 billion yuan, creating the highest record of drug opportunities.

          According to industry analysis, pharmaceutical machinery industry hot reasons for three:

          First, the sustained and rapid development of China's economic situation, the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the corresponding rapid development of the pharmaceutical industry, thus promoting the growth of demand for pharmaceutical machinery, pharmaceutical equipment industry to promote prosperity.

          Second, the state of the pharmaceutical enterprises to implement mandatory GM P certification system to promote, in particular the GM P certification deadline approaching, it is a direct factor in the popular drug market. Drugs are related to people's lives and health of the event, in recent years, the relevant state departments of the supervision of drug production is greatly enhanced. The State Food and Drug Administration has also issued a mandatory pharmaceutical GM P certification compliance schedule, where the time is still not within the prescribed time, will no longer allow them to engage in drug production. Pharmaceutical equipment is an important part of the GM P hardware, since the introduction of national compulsory certification system GM P has been around the pharmaceutical companies have accelerated the pace of technological transformation, production equipment, a substantial update for the pharmaceutical industry, the upstream industry --- pharmaceutical machinery industry A major positive, a large number of production lines for the transformation of pharmaceutical machinery enterprises to bring a huge market.

          Third, the promotion of scientific and technological progress of the pharmaceutical industry. In recent years, China's pharmaceutical industry pay close attention to scientific and technological progress, increasing the number of new products, the quality is also a great leap forward, individual products and even reached the international advanced level. The introduction of ampoules (water needles) series of washing and drying potting and linking units, such as Changsha Zhongyao Medicine Factory, has greatly improved the production level of injection in China and ended the backward technology of single-machine production for several decades. After several improvements, the product has sold more than 600 production lines, but also exported to Brazil, Russia, Pakistan, Iran, nearly 20 countries. Jiangsu and Zhejiang area of the production of drying equipment, aluminum-plastic packaging equipment, have also attracted the needs of domestic pharmaceutical and out of the country.

          According to the analysis, although the pharmaceutical companies in the GM P certification after the consolidation, the number will be reduced, but because of the large pharmaceutical companies, retained the business is not a small number, therefore, the normal equipment renewal, technological transformation of the drug machine Demand is also a considerable market, the prospects are good, plus go out of the country, to participate in international competition, will make China's pharmaceutical machinery industry has developed by leaps and bounds.


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