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    1. How to choose their own mixer

      Powder mixing operation is quite complex, especially due to the nature of the powder on the mixing effect of great shape. So the more large-scale mixer selection field harder the greater. Therefore, the selection of the mixer, in addition to the above-mentioned general principles of grasping the above, but also to master the general selection method.

            Generally speaking. Selection of the Office of the help: analogy, small trial, the trial method

      Analogy method

          Users generally based on their own materials, with reference to peer manufacturers use models. You can quickly select their own mixer models required. The advantage of this method is that the method is simple. Selection process in the cost of less investment. Because of the experience of others for reference, so the correctness of selection of larger errors less. The drawback is that the current market competition is fierce, and sometimes peer-asked technical confidentiality, it is difficult to understand the exact situation.

      Small test method

          Users can report according to their own materials. Refer to the manufacturer's product specifications and other information. Preliminary selection of small test models to test the face. In the small test to determine the mixer's ability, mixing uniformity, the best mixed state. In the small test, the light can be used several stereotypes mixer for comparative experiments. And then according to the following principles, the final selection of the mixer: ① mixing uniformity and the time required for mixing; ② comprehensive comparison of equipment costs, energy costs, maintenance costs and operating costs Chuan; ③ installation conditions, such as the venue and power constraints . According to test results. Determine the model. If there is dissatisfaction with the selected products more places, can be amended to Canton request. Making it more suitable for production requirements.

      Pilot test method

            In the large non-alternative type. Sometimes it is not enough to rely on small test results. It is best to carry out pilot, the pilot is to verify the results of small test, while providing further basis for the election. Pilot should note the following points:

            1, the larger the scale of the pilot plant, the closer to the selection of large equipment, the test results can be more reliable.

            2, due to the powder mixer to enlarge the data published very little. Therefore, when the pilot to work closely with the manufacturer, generally provided by the pilot in the test (amplification) of the operational data or structural improvements. In the pilot process, attention should also be given to issues such as mixing uniformity, power variation, mixing time, and mixing initiation. Only the pilot results and small test results consistent. Further equipment selection have reliable basis

            3, in the test, should be used as much as possible given the process materials, and small test materials are consistent.

            The advantages of this method are: the selection of more accurate, in the future production, the product of the most, the quality can be fully guaranteed, mixing time, energy consumption, equipment costs can be controlled in a better range. Shortcomings are: equipment selection time is longer. The cost of manpower, material resources


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