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    1. Domestic packaging machinery should take the road of innovation to accelerate development

      Technology innovation is weak, slow progress in technology packaging machine, new product development has not fundamentally get rid of imitation research tracking the situation, less R & D investment. Economic growth mode, product profitability is low, competitiveness is not strong, economic growth, efficiency is still mainly depends on the scale of pulling, energy, labor and other resource consumption and the advanced level there is a certain gap. There are still some packaging machinery enterprise management extensive, meticulous management has not yet achieved; market awareness, sense of competition, sense of urgency is not strong, service market, customer service awareness and development of the sense of urgency, responsibility is not strong.

      Faced with so many negative factors, the domestic packaging machinery should take the road of innovation to accelerate the pace of development. It is recommended to innovate from the following:

      (1) innovative business philosophy. Business philosophy innovation, including scientific and technological innovation, service innovation, corporate culture innovation, leadership innovation, incentive innovation, conform to the development of the times, only innovation will have development.

      (2) packaging machinery industry should promote the refinement of management. Comprehensively carry out the "five changes" as the central content of the fine management activities, promote the improvement of enterprise basic management level.

      (3) the integrity of the packaging machinery industry to establish a good image of the packaging machine. Market economy is the legal economy, but also the moral economy, it is the credit economy. Corporate credit is not good, will be eliminated in the merciless competition in the market, the most simple and practical way is to pay attention to integrity in marketing activities, integrity is a good business security, integrity will bring profits to the enterprise.


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